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Testing network reliability requires a large number of packets. It only takes Universal Fast Ping 30 seconds to send out 3000 packets, comparing to 50 minutes for standard Ping. Data are instantly visible in a scrollable and zoomable real-time chart. You can adjust your Wifi antenna and immediately see its effect, or see the effect of people blocking the Wifi sccess point, copying large files or playing high definition movies over the network.

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleTesting network reliability often requires a large number of packets. For example, to check the network packet drop rate with 0.1% sensitivity, a few thousand packets are needed. It only takes Universal Fast Ping 30 seconds to send out 3000 test packets. Standard Ping, at one packet per second, would needs 50 minutes for the same test. Universal Fast Ping presents the data in a real-time chart, so you can see the data as they flow in. You can adjust your Wifi antenna or access point and immediately see the effect on the network. You can immediately see the impact of people standing between the access point and the computer blocking the Wifi signal, or when another computer is copying a large file or playing high definition movies over the network. The real-time chart can zoom in and out, scroll back and forth, and there is a track cursor to read out individual values.

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